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Very Worthy of Our Exclusive Accessories 


After a few years now of being the only USA supplier and designer of Bamboo Tenkara fly rods we know of, we have learned some things. The best long rod for Tenkara fishing we offer is our Royal Model, the ROY YARU. While we offered the best price in the industry for a handmade bamboo Tenkara Rod, I was always looking for a way to make it more affordable so about anyone who fly fishes could have one. This year I succeeded as I found a Tenkara maker who grows his own bamboo for the rods. This eliminated the expensive middle man for the material and assured the maker will always have the perfect match for the sections he desires.


So now we can offer you the Original Royal Round Bamboo Rod with Sock Bag for just $450 plus $35 postage in the USA


With this price reduction we expect many orders so if you want to fish with it anytime soon ORDER NOW. If you want a rod tube we have a great new carrying tube, handmade for each order. This tube looks like bamboo but is a very strong synthetic material that is hard to crush. It has removable cap that is attached with a braided leather thong.


Each case has a fly and the name Tenkara Hanetsuri Global on the tube. We can add your first name or initials at no cost. See the accessories for pictures, options and prices. The only Split Bamboo Tenkara rod we will be making is the Ninja.

Please remember you can choose “Bill Me Later” at check out and have six months to pay for what you order now. There is no more excuses for not having the best!


The Royal Bamboo Rod Comes in Two Options


Valesesiana USA rod


We have made a beautiful reproduction of the contour in high-quality cork for those who want the original lines with the advantage of cork. My rod shown sports this handle. It is also a long handle and makes the rod feel even lighter. We have duplicated a handle I first saw on a rod of Dr. Ishagak's design. It is about eleven inches long and has three contours. This allows the angler to grip the rod in the most comfortable way for casting, fighting the fish, etc. The longer handle improves the feel of the balance of the rod over modern short handles. I have chosen a dark flame Carmel color for the rod as I think it is more rich in color and is finely finished in many coats of beautiful lacquer. We call this rod the ROYAL model and it carries that Japanese character. Its total length assembled is ten feet three inches This is the length of the original rod and so we kept the standard model this length. Different lengths can be ordered at an additional cost and an extra tip can also be ordered for an additional charge. Please inquire. The total length of this rod is ten feet three inches just as the original model. It is designed as the original for small and medium-sized fish in streams, ponds and lakes. The hollow bamboo action is a joy to feel and cast with and to me is the pinnacle of Tenkara fishing. The rod feels alive and transmits every feel of the fish to your hand. The model shown as a 7-3 action meaning 7 parts flex and 3 don't, or not as much. This, I was told, is closer to the original old rod’s flex pattern and being a little stiffer it can handle a little larger fish and still not have to be a mile long. It cast a tapered, level line and a braided line with equally fantastic results and feel that to me one can only obtain with real hollow, live grown bamboo.  Weight of this model on my digital scale is an amazing 3 and a half ounces.



Here you can see the unique Japanese old style ferrule painting, this of gold and other subtle tones and the flower print rod sock in the background. Hand fitted bamboo ferrule plugs are supplied as shown. In this high magnification picture you can see the many fine gold thread wrapping used to secure the tip, matching the ferrule paint color.


These are heirloom pieces. The good thing is you can fish with it and if anything happens; you can replace it or the part that is broken so it does not have to remain a museum piece. You can order an extra tip for an additional charge. These are custom-made one at a time works of art. I don’t have a warehouse full of them so please allow 4-6 weeks for construction and delivery. We have the aged and dried bamboo ready for your order. All items are hand made one at a time per each order to assure maximum quality.


REDUCED PRICE! The Royal Model Bamboo Rod with Cork Handle and Flower Print Rod Sock Bag $450.00
plus $35.00 shipping and handling in the USA




This is a new bamboo handle we will be offering on the round bamboo model Royal Rod in 2014. This is a spectacular handle as you can see. If you choose this handle over cork in 2014 there is a $50 increase in the price. If you order prior to 2014 the price is the same.



REDUCED PRICE! The Royal Model Bamboo Rod with Bamboo Handle and Flower Print Rod Sock Bag $450.00
plus $35.00 shipping and handling in the USA




The Royal Bamboo Rod Case


We have a great new carrying tube, handmade for each order. This tube looks like bamboo but is a very strong synthetic material that is hard to crush. It has removable cap that is attached with a braided leather thong.


The Royal Model Bamboo Rod Case $55.00 plus $10.00 shipping and handling in USA



Extra tip for Rod $150.00 plus $20.00 shipping and handling in USA




The Tenkara Split Bamboo "Ninja" Rod

Tenkara Global Ninja

For many years I have watched the various forums and so many people who fish in very tight overgrown streams have been begging the Tenkara community for a special rod for this purpose. Yet no one produced what was being asked. Some just said “No!”  We at Tenkara Hanetsuri Global have been listening and again created a first that will fit the needs of many small water anglers. Here is the Tenkara “Ninja.” This stealth Tenkara rod is split bamboo and a solid piece 5 ft 5 inches long! This rod has many advantages. In very close quarters it is not uncommon to snag your line in a multiple piece rod you can pull off the tip in this case.  So we felt it was best to make it a one piece rod. This gives superior action and strength and you can not lose your tip to a snag! It had great action and balance to put that fly right where you want.

Here is my wife Lynda holding the new 5' 5" Ninja which she can not wait to try!


As usual, you get the Tenkara global masterpiece construction and attention to details. The rod pictured features the turtle bamboo gold wrapped handle and the usual cork handle options apply. Price is $450 plus $35 shipping in the USA.


The Ninja rod being one piece does not come with a tube but a rod sock for only $450.00

plus $35.00 shipping and handling in the USA   



Our Tenkara Bamboo Rods are All Handmade

Our Tenkara craftsmen hand making one rod at a time. He is examining each species of bamboo that will be best for the correct section of the fly rod.



To me, having finely-crafted heirloom pieces are part of the fun in fishing. After all, if not, just cut a twig, get a worm and catch something! If the pride of owning your own special equipment and the desire to have the best makes part of your experience as it does mine, we hope you consider these fine pieces for your next adventure. If you are already a Western bamboo fly fisherman who couldn't find a home with less than bamboo, give Tenkara bamboo fishing a try as a compliment to what else you do, as I did and it may be the first rod you keep reaching for.