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Tenkara Global Introduces Are Newest Tenkara Fly Wallet

Here is a very nice item for your Tenkara Collection. I have always liked the old classy fly wallets but never liked them for dry flies. Until ours. Our new item is now my favorite fly wallet. This is made from butter soft leather with an original style buckle closure. As you can see it has two Tenkara flies embroidered on the flap. This one is in forest green but you can also get it in the natural color.

Here with the flap open you can see the secret to carrying dry flies in perfect condition in our Tenkara fly wallet. There are four loops which hold four very nice tiny bottles (three are shown but it comes with four) with a cork top. Here as shown you can carry your dry flies. Each bottle can hold quite a few if needed or you can drop one of your favorites in each one if you do not use many flies. No more smashed hackles on your dry flies and lots of air around them to dry out later. Pictured is a close up of a bottle with five Tenkara flies in it (flies not included). Directly below the bottles are two layers of fine felt, here one red and one green. These hold your wet flies and a few are shown as an example. The layers of felt help to dry the flies after use. This is so slick!

Behind the two felt layers is a pocket for Tenkara line or leaders etc. I use the tiny fas-snap type metal hooks on the end of my leader so no knots to tie. I prepare four or five of them with the fastener on the end and put them in a small plastic baggie and in the wallet pocket. If my leader needs replaced I simply pull one out, snip of the old one, tie on the new one and keep fishing. No spool or measuring. Of course you can drop this in your belt pouch if you have one, or we put nice wide belt loops on the back and just wear it! This completely handmade item complete with four bottles is only $70 plus $10 postage in the USA, $25 overseas. Your choice of forest green or natural. Get yours now. This would make a great Christmas gift!


Tenkara Hanetsuri Global Fly Wallet with four bottles $70.00

plus $10.00 shipping and handling in the USA   


The Tenkara Hanetsuri Global Light-Weight Wooden Hook

Tenkar Globa wooden line retracto

Full length view of the wooden line retractor


If you ever hooked a fish that is a little large you may have found like I did that hand winding the fish in to get pressure off the tip has one obstacle. Reaching the line with your free hand while the fish is fighting. Even putting the rod somewhat behind you and high often does not work. The line is just out of reach. This 19-20 inch light-weight wooden hook is small enough to hang on your side but long enough to hook the line and let you bring it in to your hand so the hand winding  to the net can begin. It has a hole drilled in the end for a retractor or hang on your belt. A simply made, inexpensive way to save your valuable tip and help you land the larger fish. Below a new photo of our improved wooden line retractor for catching the line. It now sports a leather wrapped handle and leather covered hooking area so the line will not slip and it won’t fray the line or leader.



Light-weight Wooden Hook $10.00
plus $4.50 shipping and handling in the USA   



The Tenkara Hanetsuri Global All Bamboo Fly Box


Tenkara Global now has another new fly box to offer. This box is all bamboo! Even the metal hinges are encased in bamboo. The box is of the highest quality, has magnetic closure and has a very unique feature we have not seen in any other box. Please look closely at the inside of the box. All you see is bamboo. But we have cleverly put magnetic material hidden in the layers of the box so the fly compartments are fully magnetic, while still only showing the natural bamboo. The box is 5 1/4 by 3 1/4 by 1 inch thick. We only have three boxes made and ready to go.


All Bamboo Fly Box $100.00
plus $10.00 shipping and handling in the USA



The Tenkara Hanetsuri Global Wooden Fly Box



Here is our latest in high art hand carved and painted Tenkara boxes. If any of you have seen Dr. Ishigaki's personal Tenkara box he brings on his lectures, and longed for one like it, here it is! The person that made Dr. Ishigaki's box is a friend and he told me he does not make them to sell. But I have found a very skillful artesian who has made a very similar box you will be very proud to use and is worthy for us to sell. The area around the fish in this box is open (like the original) to allow air in to dry the flies. You can add magnetic sheeting to the surface if you like. We will also be doing this in the future.


New Tenkara Wooden Fly Box $375.00
plus $10 shipping and handling in the USA



The Tenkara Hanetsuri Global Fish Head Line Holder


Tenkara Global is proud to be the first company to offer a truly high-quality hand carved and painted Tenkara line holder. These also look very similar to Dr. Ishigakis's personal high art line holders. We think Tenkara is an art and the gear should reflect this aspect of high art using natural products. You can wrap your line around plastic contraptions, or have a beautiful piece of artwork to compliment the rest of your equipment. This is why we produce both highly functional and yet collectable and exclusive Tenkara equipment for the artists in all fly fisherman.


New Tenkara Hanetsuri Global Tenkara Fish Head Line Holder $50
plus $7 shipping and handling in the USA. $12 out of the USA.



Tenkara Leather Belt Fishing Pouch

Tenkara Leather Belt Fishing Pouch

This is a fully handmade leather belt pouch that you won’t want to take off. It is soft and fits your side like a part of you. Classy but fully functional, it is unlike any other fishing pouch on the market that I know of. The soft flap covers most of the front of the bag where you will find a unique holder for your hemostats to safely and quickly remove the fly from the fish, a small pocket beside it for nippers, and a swath of real sheepskin where you can hold a fly or two while changing your flies. Part of the sheepskin is under the flap if you have to walk through more brush or you can leave it on the small part exposed for fast use. On the corners of this bag are four tabs of leather with grommets so you can tie up what you don’t want to lose. The bag is full of compartments to hold your fly box, line and still stay light. Being that it goes on your belt via two wide and soft leather loops, it won’t ever hang down in front of you when you are netting a fish or fall off your shoulder into the water. The leather is also treated with a water repellant. One of my favorite items that you will only see here! All items are hand made one at a time per each order to assure maximum quality


Tenkara Leather Belt Fishing Pouch as shown $225.00
plus $20.00 shipping and handling in the USA


Products that can be used with the Leather Pouch

Products that can be used with the Leather Pouch


You can see how a line retractor can be attached to one of the four tabs on the bag and the other end to a light weight nipper for your line. Also in this picture is a curved tip hemostat you will need to quickly remove hooks. Here it is shown in its handy, secure position in the leather Tenkara pouch.


We will offer you this set of

1. A quality stainless steel hemostat

2. A quality stainless steel line retractor

3. A high quality and light weight line nipper


As a set for just $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling in the USA if you want to get your bag all set at one time.



Tenkara Leather Fly, Line, and Leader Holder

Tenkara Leather Fly, Line, and Leader Holder

This small leather case holds both flies, line and leader. In the photo on the left, the small leather box is open and you can see the wool insert to hold some flies and the spindle the empty Tenkara leader spool is affixed on. The box does not come with the empty spool it is shown to illustrate where yours will go. This entire section then snaps out and on the bottom are some posts you can wrap spare Tenkara line on. The smaller right photo shows four posts where you can wrap your furled, level, or horse hair. You can see the reverse side after it is snapped out of the box and line. All items are hand made one at a time per each order to assure maximum quality.


Tenkara Leather Fly, Line and Leader Holder $170.00
plus $20.00 shipping and handling in the USA



Tamo Natural Wood Tenkara Landing Net

Tamo Natural Wood Tenkara Landing Net

The traditional net for Tenkara is light and made of a natural wood, usually with a more rounded net and made to fit easily in a wading belt or your regular belt. The model shown has a shorter handle and is very lightweight and intricately made by hand from natural wood parts and a natural branch-type contoured handle with a small hole drilled into it for a net leash. A longer handle model of the same design is coming soon. The net pictured is one we will offer. If you look close you will see our net is quite special with a natural contour wood handle for great feel and a split fork at the bottom of the net with intricate wrapping worthy of a high class but super functional piece of equipment. We will be offering a few other models in the future. All items are hand made one at a time per each order to assure maximum quality.


Tenkara Natural Wood Tenkara Landing Net $100.00
plus $20.00 shipping and handling in the USA


Tenkara Net Leash Belt Hook Retractor

Tenkara Net Leash Belt Hook Retractor


Here is one option you will want to get to protect your valuable Tenkara net from being easily lost. This set-up includes a finely braided dark mono line with double loops that looks like the ancient horse hair lines that were once used in Tenkara fishing. It is attached to a small, high-quality retractor that has a stainless steel back, belt hook and non-reflective front side. In this way of attachment no metal is directly on your net to mar the finish with use as it slides back and forth. The retractor clips easily to your wading belt or regular belt. The line extends when you need it and retracts up to the braided section so you don’t have a lot of unnecessary line dangling from your belt that could get caught up in snags, etc. Hook the compact retractor on the belt side you use the net.


Tenkara Net Leash Belt Hook Retractor with Braided Line $12.00 plus $5 shipping and handling in the USA


Tenkara Line Holder

Tenkara Line Holder


Tenkara Global is now offering beautiful handmade wooden traditional Tenkara line holders. Shown in a line holder holding one furled line, leader and fly (which is not included). This line holder can hold up to four lines for all conditions.


Tenkara Hanetsuri Global Line Holder $45.00
plus $5 shipping and handling in the USA.